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Developer, Neal Land & Neighborhoods, has teamed up with Frontier Communications® to bring your homebuyer clients the FiOS® Internet speed they need. And, it’s super.

Super. It’s not for those who are okay with just reliable, ample, or fast. Super is for remote office ninjas and virtual learning dynamos. For streamers and gamers and gotta-have-now-ers. Super is the biggest of big and greatest of great, and it’s now available to homebuyers with SuperStream at North River Ranch.

SuperStream, powered by Frontier Communications®, gives families access to one gigabit of Internet coverage at home and throughout the community over their 100% FiberOptic network. From the sofa, kitchen or lanai, to the community pools and playgrounds or Market Square, to out on the Greenway or miles of trails, everyone stays connected. And getting connected is a breeze with a dedicated Frontier specialist.

Bringing new homebuyers the fun and fullness of North River Ranch, SuperStream keeps your clients online and up to speed with who and what matters most. There’s no distance or location to break their connections, which means business meetings, health and wellness appointments, and uploads and downloads for homework don’t get held up. Qualities that are important when buying a new home in today’s new way of life. You can even get apps for the AVID FiTPod, Bike Share, mileage trackers, and more.

Never before has connectivity been so important, and nothing provides it to new homebuyers like SuperStream at North River Ranch.

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Back to School in Manatee
Computer Kid

Speaking of learning dynamos, the School Board of Manatee County has officially approved reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Students in North River Ranch zoned schools were welcomed back with a list of coronavirus practices in place, including social distancing, masks, one-way walkways and extensive sanitizing.

Three reopening options were approved, including a five-day, on-campus plan for parents who want their students to return to campus full-time, a hybrid schedule mixing on-campus learning with eLearning Manatee, and full-time e-learning for students remaining at home. With the arrival of SuperStream, your clients will have the bandwidth to easily handle whichever option they choose at North River Ranch.

Building Smart

More and more of today’s homebuyers are considering smart home technology just as much as physical space, features, and finishes. That’s why the preferred North River Ranch home builders give your clients options for making their home as technical as they desire.

Smart homes for example, can offer prewired plans ready for anything all the way to full-suite automation. Robust Wi-Fi. Temperature controlled from your smartphone. Garage doors and door-locks you can monitor and control from thousands of miles away. And of course, next-level home entertainment. Just about anything is possible for a new homebuyer at North River Ranch.

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North River Ranch | For the Fun & Fullness of Life

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